Turnaround as a corporate renewal application

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Our company turnaround practitioners of CRS Turnaround specialises in rescuing distressed companies, and improving the financial results of underperforming companies.

It also provide access to private equity finance to fund business rescue plans.

While both turnaround and business transformation share a common approach in fixing the business in strategic, organisational and operational terms, within an enabling framework of leadership, stakeholder management and project management, turnaround is further characterised by the need to stabilise and fund the business.

In addition, turnaround situations may be distinguished from business transformation by financial distress, outside stakeholders like banks playing an important role, possible leadership changes, a more directive approach, more pronounced emergency management, more rapid and incisive action.

CRS Turnaround provides full detail about its turnaround management approach covering turnaround situations, turnaround stages, turnaround strategy, and our turnaround services.

The web site also supports the turnaround industry by providing news, events, opinions, links, publications and association information.

Business transformation or turnaround

View the restoration of corporate value at different levels of company health.

From business transformation to turnaround

View the flow from proactive business transformation to remedial business transformation to turnaround.





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