Business transformation timing

Proactive business transformation vs. remedial business transformation

A characteristic of successfully businesses is that they can continually transform themselves. 

They can timeously react to industry drivers because they possess the culture and systems to effect transformation on an ongoing basis.

Corporate health

Business transformation or turnaround

View the restoration of corporate value at different levels of company health.



From business transformation to turnaround

View the flow from proactive business transformation to remedial business transformation to turnaround.

Proactive or continuous business transformation should always be the aspiration.

Sometimes the impact of a change in industry drivers is such that the business cannot take it in its stride without focusing the whole organisation's attention to it by means of a transformation project.

Also, if a company is already underperforming due to not timeously responding to unfavourable events the market-place, a remedial transformation project is required to get the company back on track.

Business transformation therefore takes place either continually as part of ordinary business, or as a remedial project.

If remedial business transformation fails or not not take place at all, the need for transformation is replaced by the need for a turnaround


See turnaround situations for more information about different corporate renewal scenarios.

Business transformation and turnaround

In our management consulting practice we apply corporate renewal either as business transformation or as turnaround.

Firstly, Corporate Renewal Solutions helps companies to proactively transform themselves when facing new trends in industry drivers and competitive forces to ensure their continued growth and prosperity.

Secondly, Corporate Renewal Solutions helps transform already underperforming companies on a remedial basis to enable them to achieve and surpass industry performance standards.

In the absence of a financial crisis and funding issues, the approach is that of leadership alignment, a more measured pace of execution, and a more participative process.

Lastly, using a more decisive and incisive approach, CRS Turnaround turns around distressed companies by providing turnaround management and turnaround private equity funding.

In contrast to business transformation, the turnaround approach is characterised by a possible leadership changes, a financial crisis and funding issues, a more rapid pace of execution and a more directive process.


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Business transformation is either proactive or remedial.