Business transformation phases

Business transformation planning and implementation

Corporate Renewal Solutions' business transformation projects takes place in two phases - Business Transformation Planning followed by Business Transformation Implementation.

Business Transformation Planning

Situation Assessment

Special emphasis is placed on industry drivers prompting business transformation and / or causes of underperformance.

  • "Could-Be" assessment of benchmarks, best practice, breakeven, and targets
  • Gap analysis - SWOT, key issues, constraints, drivers of business transformation, financial drivers and levers, operational and financial levers, resources required.

Issues Assessment

  • How to resolve issues and overcome constraints.
  • Expenses/ investment required.
  • Benefits.
  • Options, risks, trade-offs.

"To-Be" Design:

  • Solutions, strategies and actions to address identified business issues.
  • Quick wins that can be achieved with little delay and effort.

Financial Assessment:

  • Impact of "To-Be' design on future profit, cash flow, balance sheet and funding needs.
  • Impact on EVA/SVA.

Conclusions and Recommendations

  • Business case comparing costs with benefits to be achieved.
  • Comprehensive implementation plan, including stakeholder and project management.

Business transformation planning diagram

Business transformation planning

View for the business transformation flow chart.



Business Transformation Implementation

During this phase, further solutions development takes place to build on what has been established during business transformation planning.

Solutions implementation is associated with organisational capacity building, benefits realisation and skills transfer from the consulting team to client.

Business transformation implementation is planned and controlled by means of rigorous project management (see business transformation management).

The business transformation project is concluded by a formal handover to client.


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Business transformation takes place in two phases - planning and implementation.