Business transformation management

Managing business transformation

Our consultants are based on the client site for the duration of the engagement.

We act as a catalyst, providing impetus for sustainable change through the application of modern change management practice.

Project management

Our business transformation projects are earmarked by rigorous project management. 

This includes planning, tracking and review of progress, resources and cost of project activities to ensure compliance to plan.

The business transformation project is divided into streams of work, typically strategy, leadership, financial, organisation, operations and stakeholder management.

Each stream of work is run by a stream lead, and the stream's team consists of a mix of our consultants and client's employees.

The project is government by a client Executive Steering Group, whose members also serve as stream champions.

Business transformation project management example - work stream design and schedule


Business transformation project management

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Leadership alignment

We ensure that the client's executive team support and drive the business transformation project through formal leadership alignment events prior to commencing and throughout the business transformation programme.

Each stream of work has a client executive serving as its champion.

Stakeholder management

We believe in building financial, commercial and organisational stakeholder support to ensure awareness, involvement, buy-in and ownership through effective communication and mobilisation.


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Business transformation management requires leadership, stakeholder management and project management.